You be my favourite birder and I will be your Rosefinch

This one is for my favourite birder and a friend,
Christy, who has a lovely blog where he posts photos of birds, writes poetry that makes one’s heart ache for its beauty, and magically weaves words and thoughts to make a warm blanket for his readers, followers, fans alike. I often put this blanket on, on cold misty days and find solace.
I offer you
the entire gamut of colours
on all the birds that fly or that don’t.
I offer you
every single juvenile and adult,
female and male chirp and tweet.
I offer you
their wings and feathers,
their flights and descent.
I offer you
their open vast skies,
their swamps and their woven nests.
I offer you
their plumaged warmth,
their tetrachromacy.
I offer you their bills,
their egg-shells, their mating calls.
I offer you
their nocturnal songs,
their mobbing and their swoops.
And if I could I would
turn into a bird,
perhaps your favourite one.
Make it happen somehow,
sprinkle some pixie dust or pinch
‘You be my favourite birder and I will be your Rosefinch.’

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