A case for harmless smileys :)

Fishy Mood

I am working on a film assignment for a prestigious, world famous institution. It is important to mention here that I am not an employee of this organization, thankfully so, and that I work independently because I like ‘freeness’, and I love ‘freedom’.

This evening, apparently I made a mistake of including one harmless – no, actually two – smileys 🙂 🙂 in my email communication to the ‘boss’. And ten minutes later I get a call from a friend and a co-worker explaining to me that it wasn’t quite appropriate! And we talked about it for ten minutes and I said to my friend that perhaps there is a need for creating that space in communication, at least for positive expressions like a harmless smiley. I guess I wasn’t being heard. Now this is the same person who while sharing my resume with the ‘boss’ deleted the ‘poetry’ bit from my profile without asking me. It was nice of him though to inform me later on.

Now, I was a bit upset about somebody’s irrational demand in the organization and I am an emotional person and I like to express it subtly, without offending anybody – I would never do that, I am so sensitive to that – even in work situations. I am not ashamed of expressing my emotion or fear being an emotional, sensitive self. I like being honest to myself more than to anybody else. Now, I got this call suggesting that it wasn’t exactly appropriate and that up until now my e – mail communication was good and “dry”, but this wasn’t acceptable. So, being a peaceful person, I sent my next email which was completely dry – dry like the dry, chapped lips when one travels to the leeward side of the highest altitude cold desert in the world. Now I have been there so I know what it feels like. A weather so dry, we had to put nose-drops every hour to even breathe comfortably.

Well, you know what, I am quite sure I would use smileys even if I were to write to the Obamas and the Putins, the Merkels and the Kin Jong Ils, Kim Il Sungs of the world. 🙂 🙂 Smileys for everybody. And a big 🙂 for those who don’t like them in their “official”email communication.

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