A single glowing tip

20160531_162053 (1)

I rolled all my sorrows
and excruciating pain from these dark hours
in a cigarette and lit it with resolve.
It was after all
always a single glowing tip
and a lonely ride to the stars.
And hell yes, it’s been a fun ride.


4 thoughts on “A single glowing tip

  1. Hello! 🙂 So glad you like it, Arvind. I too love the photograph, something old world about it. Saw it just yesterday.
    Would you be disappointed if I told you that there is no meaning? 😛 But I can try and find a meaning to this meaninglessness, and pretend I am a serious writer. 🙂 The words have a meaning though…it’s about letting go, owning your pain completely and having fun on a lonely trip to wherever 🙂


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