Fortitude, a bird blue

In the branches of despair
Kites of damning thoughts get stuck
And so carefully in your
Chest pockets you must tuck
Fortitude a bird blue
Of all weathers
And find simple joy
In its iridescent feathers.

Sooty be her second name, not Treepie

What do you do
when you see
an arboreal rufescent dream
perched on a banyan blanket?
You’d want to cuddle with her
under her plummage
and sing to her calm sea’s lullaby.
Her beautiful head,
sooty be her second name
and not Treepie.
And where did she get that silver so grey,
makes me go mad.
‘Give me your colours’, I tell her.
She responds,
a sweet string of ko-ki-la
and away does she fly.

Road Trip -2 Paradip, spotted a Rufous Treepie.