Of men and musicians – why we love them


For all the good, warm-hearted men ūüôā

Their music
sound of a gentle churning
in the deepest part
of the earth.

We love them
for their unkempt sideburns
and cigarette smells.

Their laughter echoing
unfiltered white-noise
to complement warblers’ ruckus
trombone to forest song.

We love them
for the careless ‘unbuttoned-ness’¬†of shirt,
yet subtly proclaiming gentlemanliness.

Their banter
poetry midst the prose of life
streaks of bright red in monochrome.

We love them
for their coffee-stained teeth
yet an unfettered smile breaking between a moustache and a beard.

Their weathered face
maps of places we want to travel to
but the eyes is where we want to build a home.

We love them
all those times when they
bare their souls and child-like cry.

We love them
even more when
we miss having them in our life.

A perfect piece of music by the great Zbigniew Preisner found me while I was writing this poem. The first eight minutes are so beautiful! –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP0wQxWifBY