Wild Woman


She placed the blazing Sun in the middle of her forehead
and the Moon in the pearl of her earrings.

She swathed her body in the rising red desert
and adorned her hair with the flower of Hibiscus.

The days were long
but there were fortresses she needed to build.

The oceans were calm
but she had to harness to safety, those in rocking boats.

In her heart lotuses bloomed, and stars in her womb
and she birthed a new safe world
for those hurt, wounded and seeking love.
(artwork by IsyLLiS)

For those who have arrived


Drifting away with the winter breeze
yellow brown leaves.
Fading away like poetry
read sitting on old creaking wooden chairs.
Wilting away like spring flowers
gloomily blooming in December’s wrath.
Dust filled narrow lanes of my youth
bring me to the silver tresses
of antiquity long cherished.
The Sun will shine its golden light
the moon its milky luminescence
on those
who have lost and now have risen.
Only love for those
who have left and for those who have arrived.
(December 16, 2013)

Now Paris, Now Beirut, There Then, Here Now

Cities overcast are spewing grudge after grudge
‘I gave you my safe womb
and you planted in it bombs and grenades.’

Are you also waiting for the Sun to come out
and opiate us in its sweltering heat,
burn the hate and the malice
in our stomachs and in our hearts.
My friend in Paris or in Beirut,
or even closer home
I hope you are warm and dry,
and most of all safe.